Image 1: iOTA in The Average Joe. Photo by Jason Matz. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival

Image 2: Dr Felicity Rickshaws Celebrity Sex Party. Photo by John Marshall. 2016 FRINGE WORLD Festival

Image 3: Djuki Mala. Photo by Johannes Reinhart. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival

Image 4: The Bachela-la-la. Photo by Tenae Francis. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival



Header Image: By A Thread. Photo by Stellar Fraser. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival


Artist Interviews

Header Image: LIMBO. Photo by Daniel James Grant. 2016 FRINGE WORLD Festival

The Great Ridolphi, Bus Boy and Minnie & Mona Play Dead. Photos by Jamie Breen (Very Serious).

THE ONE by Jeffrey Jay Fowler. Tile photo by Simon Pynt. Header photo by Stevie Cruz-Martin.

Point & Shoot. Tile photo by John Marshall. Header photo by Jason Matz.


Award Winners

Header Image: Elizabeth Quay Launch. Photo by Cam Campbell. 2016 FRINGE WORLD Festival



Header Image: Dr Felicity Rickshaw's Celebrity Sex Party. Photo by Naomi Reed. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival


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Header Image: FRINGE Central at Perth Cultural Centre. Photo by Sebastian Mruglaski. 2017 FRINGE WORLD Festival