An Interview With

Lucy Peach

Writer and Performer of the 2017 Martin Sims Award Winning Show: My Greatest Period Ever



Congratulations on your win! Can you tell us a bit about My Greatest Period Ever?

Menstrual cycle awareness is the most overdue conversation in the world. I made a song and dance about it called My Greatest Period Ever. It's a workshop about life-hacking your menstrual cycle and learning that you can start using it as your own personal life coach. It enabled me to heal myself through a divorce, write music that won me a WAM award and be kinder to myself. I talk and sing and my husband Richard draws. It's a red tent where everyone is invited. And there are capes. 


How are your plans shaping up for the touring of My Greatest Period Ever with the Award?

We have poured over Fringe brochures from everywhere and it now seems we are being pulled in two completely opposite directions: Grahamstown in South Africa, and Brighton in the UK. A third consideration is Edinburgh and depending on what day of my cycle I'm on, my feelings range from mild horror to excitement at the prospect of tackling The Big Kahuna! I think Richard is quite excited by a Big Kahuna. We cant wait, it's the most wonderful thing to plan and look forward to.


Lucy, you’re a wonderful and prominent Musician here in Perth. How have you found the process of writing a show for the stage and combining your musical abilities to a new style of performance?

Thank you. The idea for the show came about while were on set for a music video with Allan Girod, who runs Flaming Locomotive. Spirits were high and I was in my #fucksforeveryone phase. "Of course I will!!" I said. "Yes!! How wonderful!!" Then the week afterwards, it hit me and I felt a bit daunted and wondered what I'd gotten myself in for. I was a sexual health educator and a performer but the idea of combining the two worlds had never occurred to me. To do it at Fringe felt like a very exciting experiment. And what if it didn't work??? But I realised, that if I just shared my story and what I knew, then I couldn't really 'get it wrong' and I've been preaching period power for long enough to know that people are HANGING out to have this conversation. It actually doesn't feel a million miles from what I already do on stage, just more talking, more periods and I get to have a laugh with Richard, who elucidates all the concepts by doodling live onto a big screen. 


How important is it for your work to be seen on a world stage? What have you learnt about presenting work outside of WA?

I am passionate about sharing the material. I really do believe that if more women, girls and menstruators knew that they could take advantage of their menstrual cycle that the world would be a different place. A much happier and more balanced place. I'm excited to share this work with different audiences other than my beloved home crowd. I think I could learn a lot. Now we want to bring Oprah out of retirement and go global. 


Aside from FRINGE WORLD, which has been the best Festival you have presented at?

I have only presented at FRINGE WORLD so maybe I am not qualified to say, but we still say it's the best!!


What are you working on next?

Oh just changing the world one period at a time. I have been writing more music specifically for My Greatest Period Ever and I'll be recording these songs soon and also developing the show further. More capes!


What’s your favourite thing about FRINGE WORLD?

The audiences. So warm and willing and generous. Men, women, all ages. Delightful. I wish I could give them all daybeds.


If you were an animal, what animal would you be?  

We would definitely be lions. Both of us, lions.  


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